Official Fertilizer Sample

Fertilizer/Limestone Program

The Experiment Station Chemical Laboratories (ESCL) perform a regulatory function to the State of Missouri by rendering Association of Official Analytical Chemists, International, (AOAC) approved analyses of fertilizer and limestone submitted to the Station by Fertilizer/Ag Lime Control Service and its official field inspection staff.

As directed within the Missouri Fertilizer and Rules (Missouri Fertilizer Law), the guaranteed chemical composition by weight of the fertilizer is expressed in the following terms: (a) percent of total nitrogen (N), (b) percent of available phosphate (P2O5), and (c) percent of soluble potash (K2O). Labeling Additional Plant Nutrients 6 CSR 250- 11.030(1)(C). The Missouri Agricultural Liming Materials Law and Rules (Missouri Limestone Law) set forth the standards and guidelines related to liming materials' effective neutralization material (E.M.N.), calcium carbonate equivalent (C.C.E.), fineness factor, etc.

"The object and duty of the Missouri Agricultural Experiment
Station is to conduct original and other researches, investigations and experiments bearing directly on and contributing to the establishment and maintenance of a permanent and effective agricultural industry in the United States."

These same AOAC analytical methodologies are also available to individuals submitting unofficial fertilizer and limestone samples to the ESCL in order to test for their fertilizer or limestone value, to test water, sludge, etc., for fertilizer content. Testing of secondary containment areas for fertilizer contamination is also provided.

Fertilizer Analyses

Secondary and Micronutrients

Limestone Analyses